Success Launch Pad


You Are Not What You Think You Are. You Are What You Think.”… And Do— You are the solution to your success…

How does your business measure up? ( Enter "1" in the applicable box)

Strong Negative to Strong Positive


I keep a current CHECKBOOK Balance (i.e. I do not use the bank\'s website /statement balance)

I can pay all the business bills without worry

I can always take my paycheck

When I pay a bill,the check always clears the bank

My sales are growing at the rate I want

When I see my P&L (Profit and Loss Statement), my Gross profit % is what I expected to be

The overhead is under control

The profits are growing

I have a clear picture (vision) of what this business will look like in 3-5 years

There is a consistency between the vision of the business, market positioning, the brand/image and its culture?

Clear strategies, including critical success factors, are in place to deliver the vision?

All team members encouraged to make decisions, accept responsibility, and be accountable?

Is the gross margin from each product or service (group) attractive?

We are highly effective are in attracting our preferred customer type

We are highly effective in managing production of products or services(lead-time, on time delivery, resource management, workflow management)


Total of Red(Negative)?____

Total of Green(Positive)?____

What is your net score?_______________

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If your score is 60 (green positive) or lower, including a negative (red) total, we have a special offer for you. We are business MD's. From your answers, we will prepare your personal "treatment plan" to reach your dreams. While we cannot guarantee results, those who have deeply committed themselves to this process have far exceeded their expectations

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Congratulations if your score exceeds a green 60 or higher. You are on your way.

Every problem has a solution and a cause. Unless you find both, your job isn’t done.

“You Are Not What You Think You Are. You Are What You Think.”… And Do— You are the solution to your success..

The report you receive sets your priorities toward your goal.