Below you’ll find a conversation between a client and Gene that was initiated by one of Gene’s Food for Thought entries:

Food for Thought
Things don’t change; we change.


  • How does that apply to you between June and now of this year?
  • Knowing that, what will you do in the future that can make this business a financial and personal success (as you define it)?
  • Can you write out the three most important thought processes that have changed in this period? If you do, are you willing to share them with me?


Jeff’s reply:

1. I now try to delegate everyday tasks to employees to try to free myself to be able to do work on more important things. I now realize the importance of working on my business is only I can do that.

2. Everything that I do must be a win-win for the customer and for me. Anything else doesn’t help my business.

 I spent much of my free time trying to come up with ideas to get more money from existing customers and/or save money on my cost of goods (higher profit items, lower costing items, etc.)

“Drive thy business, or it will drive thee.”

Benjamin Franklin